Founded in 2008, Komtec Ltd (MilliÖN trademark) is the leader in the market of electronic payment systems in Azerbaijan. Currently, the MilliON network has more than 150 companies and more than 500 types of services. The number of MilliÖN payment terminals is more than 2500 and they are located in many regions of Azerbaijan in trade and business centers, banks, government agencies and authorities, pedestrian crossings, metro stations, supermarkets, airports, bus stops.

The company offers its customers convenience, reliability and speed in paying for the services listed below: Utility services - Mobile operators - Government payments - Bank service - İnternet - Cable TV - Telephone - Insurance services - Gambling - Entertainment - Antivirus - Education - Charity - BakuBus - Advertisement and coupons - Agent network - Network marketing - Shop Network (E-commerce) - Money transfers Others.

MilliÖN is a mark of quality that guarantees the highest quality of all services offered. In 2012, Komtec Ltd created and developed a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards to provide services that meet the needs of consumers.

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